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We do agree that it is cool to have a drink or two when eating out or party with your friends at times ;-) ? However, what will be the bad outcome of going to a restaurant or bar by your own car…?

The hangover, of course!!

Nope, it is not, we have been joking! :-D The worst that can happen to one is that the next day  you will have to get back for your car which – in the meanwhile – may as well have been injured, broken int or more…

Hence we founded Vénusz Lady Driver Service 14 years ago, to get you and your car home safe and sound in the handiest way.
Those having travelled with us can report to you about a cosiest way of driving when going out and traveling home in their own cars with our kind, discrete, smart and quick lady chauffeurs.

Who does not want to go out for a dinner or party with friends in one’s accustomed comfort zone, driving one’s own car? And finally get home in the same car too J… That’s all fine with me, but who will drive my car home? – many of us would go on with the question…

Take it easy, cos’ drivers of Vénusz Lady Driver Service can take care of your way home! Among our drivers everyone has immaculate driving experience combined with discretion and professionalism!

In order that you can plan an estimated budget for your travel costs, there is even a Price calculator for your comfort on our website and free Android, IOS applications as well!

If you are going to call our chauffeurs on a regular basis, we recommend that you download our application, for an easiest way of calling a driver as well as calculating your cost.

Special price offers are given for Tigáz, Mini, BMW and Trimedo card-holders. (15%)

Loyal customers can collect their travels to get a permanent 10% discount VIP card after the 10th time of calling Vénusz Chaffeur Service